Today I discovered a drummer I had never seen before and was mighty impressed by his incredible drumming ability. His name is Steve Smith.

Steve Smith became famous for being in the successful rock band called Journey, back in the 1980s. Journey had several successful albums including the immensely popular “Escape” and “Frontiers“, both which had their own Top 40 Hits. With his inventive timekeeping and massive tom-toms, there’s no doubt Steve Smith’s ability helped drive Journey to success.

Check out this awesome drum solo by Steve Smith.

If you’re not too familiar with Journey’s music ,check out this vid and it might spark your memory. Its a classic song, called Don’t Stop Believing.

Pretty cool huh?

Although Steve Smith is a little older now, he can still drum. In 2001, Modern Drummer magazine voted Steve Smith as one of the Top 25 Modern Drummers of All Time, along with making his place in the drumming hall of fame announced by Modern Drummer Magazine also

Modern Drummer

Steve Smith drum set up is:

Here he demonstrates his favorite Jon Bonham (Led Zeppelin) grooves. Its a really good video to watch if you’ve always wanted to know how play these beats. It taught me a few things already.

If this video helps you with your drumming, I would love to know about it. Just leave a comment below or rate the video on my YouTube channel.



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